Our Customers

Our customers, should we not already have a mould for what they want, either supply us with a drawing, from which we will make a sample, or a sample which we will use to make moulds to create the items they require.

Our customer base is also very varied, ranging from private individuals to government run organisations.

A large proportion of the items we produce are sold to retailers who sell the goods on to their own customers. These companies are generally involved in the selling of rubber products, with a large customer base. Using such companies means that we do not have to employ sales people to market our product.

Not only do we produce “new” products, a lot of our work involves the refurbishment and remaking of parts and equipment which is outdated, or no longer available.

Specialised Mouldings is in the unique position of being able to bring 20th century equipment, after its refurbishment, into the 21st century, as well as being able to supply products compatible with the present.